Arrived here last night around 1030pm (2230pm). Kathmandu is 14hours ahead of Austin. My first surprise was how many people were at the airport at night. It seemed like a 100 people were waiting outside for family, smashed up against a large window and big smiles of expectation. There were also another 100 milling around:... Continue Reading →

Nepal Facts_Food

Of course an entry about food. I already have a Neapl Cookbook that I have been reading through and look forward to seeing if I can find the dishes included. Most of my meals on the hike will be Dall Bhat with Tarkari (Lentils and rice with vegetables). Most Neapli are vegetarians either by Religious... Continue Reading →

Nepal Facts_Religion

Most people of Nepal are Hindu (>80%), the remaining population is Buddhist, Muslim, Shamanist/Animist, Jain , or Christian.  The people of Nepal are very tolerant of other religions and the blend of Hinduism and Buddhism makes it sometimes difficult to clearly identify if something is one or the other. Buddhist stupas, Buddha eyes (like image... Continue Reading →

Nepal Facts: Sherpas

Nepal is about the same size as Iowa. There are 92 different languages spoken and 102 different caste and ethnic groups.  This includes the ethnic group called "Sherpas". Many of you may recognize the word "Sherpa" as most Americans now use this word to describe the guides or porters that carry extra equipment or luggage... Continue Reading →

Nepal Facts_Climate

I will be in Kathmandu a week from now. I thought I would share a few facts about Nepal over the next week.  One of the first questions that I have been asked is "How cold will it be?". Nepal has 5 seasons: summer, monsoon, autumn, winter and spring and has five climatic zones.  I... Continue Reading →

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