Nepal_flowers (phula)

Even though it was December, there were plenty of flowers around.

Marigolds (sayapatri phul) are my favorite flower due to the vibrant yellow and oranges and the fact that the flower is also useful as an insect deterrent in gardens; beauty and utility! Luckily marigolds grow well in Texas so I get to see them in my own yard.  Marigolds are a sacred flower in Nepal. We saw marigolds growing everywhere and always available around temples as it is used in a puja.

I was surprised to see Poinsettias (Lahlipahte) growing in Nepal as it is indigenous to Mexico. I didn’t buy a Nepal flower book and I can’t find on-line the history; maybe it was brought over since it can be used as a dye.

Nepal is know for Rhododendrons (gurahs, red rhododendron lahligurahs). The plants can grow to over 50 feet (15 meters) high.

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