Nepal- Dhal Bhat power 24 hour

The people of Nepal eat Dhal Bhat everyday and usually twice a day.  Most of us ate dhal bhat for lunch and dinner on the first few days of the trek and as the trip progressed we started eating other foods for lunch or dinner. Dhal bhat consists of rice (dhal), bhat (lentil soup), tarkari (curried vegetables) and a piece of papadum. It may also include cooked greens usually spinach and achar (picked vegetable).  It is all you can eat and I usually had a second round on everything but the rice. While the meal is traditionally eaten with your hands, we had spoons and forks to use at every guesthouse. At one of our last meals as a group, we ate the meal traditionally with our hands. Our guides and porters made it look so easy.

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