West Texas Water Tour_ Fort Clark Springs

While Texas can be extremely hot and dry, the secret to stay cool is the cold springs and the secret to relaxation is the hot springs.  In January 2017, as a far well tour before I left the country for a few years, my friends and I decided to do what we called the “West Texas Water Tour”.  We picked 4 springs to visit on our travels, some new to me and some I had visited before.

We started by heading south from Austin to Fort Clark in Brackettville Texas. It was built in 1857 and was home of the 2nd Calvary division. The spring is 68 degrees year round. We had a beautiful 70 degree day for our fist swim.

We later drove over the Pecos River. “West of the Pecos” was a reference to the rugged desolation of the Wild West.   We stopped in at a store that had some a beautiful table made from stone and made a new friend.   As we drove into Big Bend National Park, we were greeted with a spectacular sunset.  Up Next Big Bend National Park.

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