Davis Mountains, Texas

In July of 2014, I visited the Davis Mountains of West Texas. The Davis Mountain range forms a unique “sky island” surrounded by the lowland Chihuahuan desert.  Due to the higher altitude, the summer is a perfect time to visit. The temperatures were between 50F and 85F. We stayed at the National Conservancy Preserve, which... Continue Reading →

Independence Creek Preserve, Texas

Independence Creek Preserve, where the Chihuahuan Desert meets the Edwards Plateau and the Tamauplipan Thornscrub.  The Nature Conservancy purchased the first parts of Independence Creek Preserve in 1991 and made the larger purchase of 19,740 acres in 2000 and 2001.   More info about the preserve: Texas Pecos Trail Independence Creek contributes 27 million gallons of... Continue Reading →


The Annapurna Circuit is a "tea house" to "tea house" trek.  Originally, people camped along the trail and visited the small tea houses like the ones in the first few photos.  Many of the trekkers started to sleep on the floors and benches (photo 3) in the common area.  As the tea house owners made... Continue Reading →


Bathroom, restroom, toilet,  los servicios, the loo, outhouse, the lavatory, or the washroom usually not a topic covered in blogs or even in many travel books.  Since some of my friends have not yet traveled outside the US, I thought I would share some knowledge about bathrooms in other countries.  And then during the Olympics, some... Continue Reading →

Nepal_ Reuse

Most of the people who live in Nepal live very simple lives and do not have the over abundance of stuff that most Americans do. Therefore, the need for reuse and repurposing is at the heart of all that the do and is based more on utilitarian need and not on decorating. At almost every... Continue Reading →


Games, toys, children and other things that made me smile. We learned to play carrom at one of the guest houses and saw many groups of boys playing it on the streets as we drove back into Kathmandu. I saw lots of children hoop rolling in the streets; I had only read about this and... Continue Reading →

Nepal_music and dance

   go to first post about Annapurna Circuit Trek While in Nepal I encountered lots of different music. There was traditional folks songs, Buddhists chants, Bollywood music, music at bars/dance clubs and the music that my co-trekkers brought with them. We had several dance parties when trekking, went to a village celebration and danced at a... Continue Reading →

Nepal_carrying stuff

Unlike many other countries, the Nepali people continue to carry goods on their backs using baskets (doko)  and a head strap (tumpline/namlo).  As I passed people or as they passed me more likely, I wondered how much the load weighed as I was only carrying between 15-20 lbs and anything more would have slowed me down... Continue Reading →


Besides dhal bhat, our options on the trek basically consisted of potatoes, cabbage, carrots, onion and garlic put into some format: soup, momo, spring roll, curry, fried rice, pizza or a fried patty.  My favorite other meal ended up being veggie fried rice and garlic soup.  Two nights I had plain noodles with "spicy ketchup"... Continue Reading →

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