The Annapurna Circuit is a "tea house" to "tea house" trek.  Originally, people camped along the trail and visited the small tea houses like the ones in the first few photos.  Many of the trekkers started to sleep on the floors and benches (photo 3) in the common area.  As the tea house owners made... Continue Reading →

Annapurna Circuit- Day 3

Tal to Chame Our morning began with a beautiful walk by the river and close to the gorge wall. It was very peaceful. Our guides taking a break and feeding the chickens. Our hike after lunch brought us to pine trees. We came to a waterfall that felt like a magical place. The sun was... Continue Reading →

Annapurna Circuit- Day 2

Nadi Bazar to Tal Tal Guesthouse Nepal is filled with waterfalls. I wanted to stop and stare at each one.  The villages run pipes from a waterfall higher than the village to have "running" water in the village. Sometimes it goes to a communal tap for the village and sometimes its just the end of... Continue Reading →

Annapurna Circuit_Day 1

We took a bus from Kathmandu to Besishahar. We then hiked from there to Ngadi Bazar. Bazar is the Nepal word for town.Along the drive, I noticed a beautiful red flower. When I was able to see it up close it was poinsettia (lahlipahte). The poinsettias were big bushes, not the the small plant that... Continue Reading →

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