Nepal- Dhal Bhat power 24 hour

The people of Nepal eat Dhal Bhat everyday and usually twice a day.  Most of us ate dhal bhat for lunch and dinner on the first few days of the trek and as the trip progressed we started eating other foods for lunch or dinner. Dhal bhat consists of rice (dhal), bhat (lentil soup), tarkari... Continue Reading →


Puja are expressions of honor, worship and devotional attention for Buddhists and Hindus.   These take many forms including candles, smoke from incense or burning juniper, stacking or carving rocks, colorful ribbons, water, flowers, fruit, sweets or rice.  A puja could be above a door at a house or at one of the many shrines... Continue Reading →

Nepal_Storing and Selling Produce

In the villages, there was are always houses with food (corn), hay or wood stored on the top of the house.  We ran across women sorting rice and beans in fanner baskets (first photo) regularly. Produce seemed to be sold mostly at small shops and we saw several local framers bringing baskets of produce to... Continue Reading →


On our route, we saw many farms and most of the guesthouses had gardens or bought from local farmers. The crops that we saw growing or ate included:  rice (bhaht), apples (syau). potatoes (ah-lu), corn (makai), squash, peas, mushrooms, carrots (gah-jar), cabbage, onions, spinach (pahlunggo or sag), mint, radishes (mu-lah), cucumbers, tomatoes (go-lbhe-dah), lemons (kahgati),... Continue Reading →


Mandalas are used in Buddhism for meditation and as a teaching tool.  I brought copies of lots of different mandalas and colored pencils; we spent several nights coloring. Such fun!  Here are a few that we completed, such beauty!   

Nepal- Wood as heat source

In most of Nepal, wood is the main source of heat. It is used to cook, to warm houses and to warm water for showers. The kitchen photo is one of our porters cooking. I'll add other photos from camera later. We saw Nepalese collecting and carrying wood. The loads they carried were unbelievable.  There... Continue Reading →

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