Besides dhal bhat, our options on the trek basically consisted of potatoes, cabbage, carrots, onion and garlic put into some format: soup, momo, spring roll, curry, fried rice, pizza or a fried patty.  My favorite other meal ended up being veggie fried rice and garlic soup.  Two nights I had plain noodles with "spicy ketchup"... Continue Reading →

Nepal_kitchens and cooking

Fire is sacred to the Nepalese, particularly the kitchen fire and most kitchens are off limits to strangers. It seemed that the guesthouses and teahouses were used to trekkers taking photos as I was regularly allowed in the kitchens. We also cooked at one of the guesthouses. In Sikha, our porters killed 2 chickens, cleaned... Continue Reading →

Nepal_Storing and Selling Produce

In the villages, there was are always houses with food (corn), hay or wood stored on the top of the house.  We ran across women sorting rice and beans in fanner baskets (first photo) regularly. Produce seemed to be sold mostly at small shops and we saw several local framers bringing baskets of produce to... Continue Reading →


On our route, we saw many farms and most of the guesthouses had gardens or bought from local farmers. The crops that we saw growing or ate included:  rice (bhaht), apples (syau). potatoes (ah-lu), corn (makai), squash, peas, mushrooms, carrots (gah-jar), cabbage, onions, spinach (pahlunggo or sag), mint, radishes (mu-lah), cucumbers, tomatoes (go-lbhe-dah), lemons (kahgati),... Continue Reading →

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