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Unlike many other countries, the Nepali people continue to carry goods on their backs using baskets (doko)  and a head strap (tumpline/namlo).  As I passed people or as they passed me more likely, I wondered how much the load weighed as I was only carrying between 15-20 lbs and anything more would have slowed me down... Continue Reading →


Besides dhal bhat, our options on the trek basically consisted of potatoes, cabbage, carrots, onion and garlic put into some format: soup, momo, spring roll, curry, fried rice, pizza or a fried patty.  My favorite other meal ended up being veggie fried rice and garlic soup.  Two nights I had plain noodles with "spicy ketchup"... Continue Reading →

Nepal- Dhal Bhat power 24 hour

The people of Nepal eat Dhal Bhat everyday and usually twice a day.  Most of us ate dhal bhat for lunch and dinner on the first few days of the trek and as the trip progressed we started eating other foods for lunch or dinner. Dhal bhat consists of rice (dhal), bhat (lentil soup), tarkari... Continue Reading →

Annapurna Circuit _Day 14

Ghorepani to Birethanti After our morning hike to Poon Hill, we had breakfast at our guesthouse and then started off for Birethanti. This was a really long day as we hiked down from 2750m to 1025m. While we walked the steps, I shared some of my favorite stories with my co-trekker Tilly.  One is "The... Continue Reading →

Annapurna Circuit _Day 14_Poon Hill

We woke up to clear skies at 5am so we were on for our morning hike up Poon Hill (3,193m/10,476ft)  to see the sunrise.  It was spectacular.  There is a clear view of Dhaulagiri (8167m) , Nilgiri (7,061m), Annapurna 1 (8,091 m), Annapurna South (7,219 m), Hiunchuli (6,441m), and Machhapuchhre (6,993m). Two beautiful photos form my... Continue Reading →

Annapurna Circuit _Day 13

Sikha to Ghorepani A short hike in the morning but lots of stairs up again.  We reached Ghorepani by noon and had time in the afternoon to look around. Many people hike to Ghorepani to go to Poon Hill, on our agenda for the next day.  We saw more trekkers in Ghorepani than the sum... Continue Reading →


Puja are expressions of honor, worship and devotional attention for Buddhists and Hindus.   These take many forms including candles, smoke from incense or burning juniper, stacking or carving rocks, colorful ribbons, water, flowers, fruit, sweets or rice.  A puja could be above a door at a house or at one of the many shrines... Continue Reading →

Annapurna Circuit _Day 12

Tatopani to Sikha After a late night of dancing, we left around 9am for Sikha. I called it the Rupee stairmaster as we climbed and climbed and climbed that morning, mostly on actually steps which can be more challenging than a dirt trail.  We also found lots of rupees on the ground; I imagine from... Continue Reading →

Annapurna Circuit _Day 11

Ghasa to Tatopani As we started our hike that morning, it felt like we had been transported to a new country. The vegetation was lush, the air warmer and the Hindu puja of strings of dried marigolds and women marked with tikkas started to appear again. Two great things in Tatopani, the wonderful hot springs... Continue Reading →

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