Armenia TCT Day 6: Ijevan and Dilijan

Our final day of the trip included walks around Ijevan and Dilijan before driving back to Yerevan. In Ijevan, we visited Ijevan Wine-Brandy Factory. It was built in 1951 and produces wine, fruit wine, sparkling wine, cognac, fruit vodka, and fruit jams.  The cognac is placed in the traditional large clay pots with a lid of wax to allow... Continue Reading →

Trekking in Armenia

When I left for Peace Corps, I brought along my tent and backpack with plans to get a few treks in while I was serving. I hadn't decided where, I just knew that there would be great places to go. A fellow PCV (Peace Corps Volunteer) had mentioned the Transcaucasian Trail Association (TCT) to me... Continue Reading →

Budapest and Jewish History

One of the more somber experiences while visiting Budapest was learning more about the history of the Jewish community in Hungary. We took a tour with a historian who provided insight into the past and the current situation. It appears that the current Hungarian government is shifting from acknowledging the Hungarian Government's actions during the... Continue Reading →

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