Trekking in Armenia

When I left for Peace Corps, I brought along my tent and backpack with plans to get a few treks in while I was serving. I hadn't decided where, I just knew that there would be great places to go. A fellow PCV (Peace Corps Volunteer) had mentioned the Transcaucasian Trail Association (TCT) to me... Continue Reading →

Budapest and Jewish History

One of the more somber experiences while visiting Budapest was learning more about the history of the Jewish community in Hungary. We took a tour with a historian who provided insight into the past and the current situation. It appears that the current Hungarian government is shifting from acknowledging the Hungarian Government's actions during the... Continue Reading →

The Budapest Mascarons

While walking in European cities, I enjoy the architecture that includes faces in the facades of buildings as well as part of the water spouts.  And now I learned a new fact from wikipedia:  a mascaron ornament is a face, usually human, sometimes frightening or chimeric whose function was originally to frighten away evil spirits so that they would... Continue Reading →

Budapest Musical Performances

We had a lovely evening at a Budapest Gala Koncert. I heard a new musical instrument called the cimbalom, which is in the first photo. The musician was amazing. I was surprised by how many of the pieces I recognized.   We also attended a concert on New Years's Eve of the Gypsy 100 Violins... Continue Reading →

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